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RT Rugged Terrain

Ultimate Do-It-All 4×4 Tyre

Experience the next generation of 4WD tyres with the Open Country R/T, a rugged-terrain ‘hybrid’ tyre that combines the go-anywhere versatility of an all-terrain with the extreme durability and traction of a mud-terrain for the best of both worlds.

A sucker for punishment in the roughest terrain, this heavy-duty do-it-all 4×4 tyre can withstand a beating with the reliability that extreme tourers need to confidently explore Australia’s most remote regions knowing they’ll be able to find their way back in one piece.

After enduring the torture I put these tyres through, I was blown away by their grip and ability to run at low pressures – Penny Wells, Top Of Down Under

Forge Your Own Path

Roll out on the right rubber no matter where your travels take you, clocking up highway KMs with ease before slaying soft sand, sharp rocks, sticky clay or sloppy mud when duty calls

Adventure Junkie

Air down and get serious with this do-it-all 4×4 tyre knowing that when you’re done, its rugged 3-py polyester construction will air up to head home before begging for more on the next trip

Tough Without The Torture

Reclaim comfort with A.T.O.M. technology that eliminates excessive vibration or noise from even the largest, most extreme off-road rubber, especially when rotated regularly

The Ultimate Outback Tourer

Discover Australia’s hidden gems on a long-wearing tyre that’s equally at home on- or off-road, with surprising comfort for longer treks and reassuring stability on any surface

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