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OPAT2 All Terrain

Capable & Versatile All-Terrain 4×4 Tyre

Go anywhere, any time with the Open Country A/T II, a true all-terrain tyre that’s surprisingly capable off-road but retains the sealed road sensibilities to keep daily drivers safe and long-distance tourers sane, whether that be in a 4×4 ute, 4WD wagon or soft-roader SUV.

Widely regarded as one of the best all-terrain tyres on the market due to its longevity, durability and balanced real-world capabilities, this dependable 4WD tyre is the perfect fit for avid adventurers and novices alike with an aggressive yet functional tread pattern that’s got the go to match the show, on- or off-road.

The surfaces we perform on vary greatly, including wet, dry, tarmac, gravel, grass, mud, clay and sand, so good tyre traction in all conditions is essential – Jack Monkhouse, Team D-MAX

Your Way Or The Highway

Choose your own adventure with the confidence that you’ve got the right rubber to overcome any obstacle, from conquering tough tracks to tackling peak hour traffic

Long Distance Superstar

Let the good times roll and enjoy bang-for-buck with every kilometre covered thanks to a low-noise, high-stability tyre that’s capable of lapping Australia 5 times over with ease

Looks Great, Works Better

Upgrade the look and feel of your 4WD with a functional tread pattern that looks the part around town but backs it up in the bush with impressive grip on any terrain

Built To Suit Your Needs

Select sizes with passenger construction for comfort or light-truck construction to increase puncture resistance and load-carrying capacity for more serious off-road use or towing

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