• Kuhmo-AT51

AT51 All Terrain

A new modern all-terrain design that optimised dry, off road traction & wear performance


  • Morden All-Terrain tyre for light trucks, high level of braking and handling performance
  • Aggressive design & optimised for dry, off road traction & wear performance
  • Suited to 70% on road and 30% off-road use

Improves off-road performance

  • Full depth circumferential Zig-Zag groove & multiple lateral grooves and sipes improves on/off-road performance
  • Dual pitch in centre block improves off-road traction & enhances stiffness performance
  • Wider, Block stiffness & Contact area increase

Enhances Long-term Durability

  • Stone-ejector bar prevents stone pinch
  • Robust belt/bead design – High stiffness “Cap Ply” & “Bead Wrapping” applied for durability
  • A cut and chip-resistant compound into asymmetric all-terrain tread pattern with off road traction

Maximise traction

  • Chamfer cut-angular shape of c-cut applied to maximise traction
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